Say Goodbye to Your Unsightly Stumps

Say Goodbye to Your Unsightly Stumps

Arrange for our stump grinding services in Millen, Statesboro & Waynesboro, GA

Tired of looking at that ugly stump on your property? Get rid of it. You can call East Georgia Tree Service for stump grinding services on your residential or commercial property in Millen, Statesboro and Waynesboro, GA.

Stump grinding won't only remove something ugly from your property. It'll also:

  • Keep people from tripping over the stump
  • Make mowing your lawn easier
  • Remove a home for ants and termites

You can spread soil and grass seed or roll sod out across the spot, leaving no trace of the stump behind. Contact us now to arrange for stump grinding services.

Don't leave any roots behind

Maybe you want to plant something new where the stump stood. Maybe you'd like to excavate the space for a pond or concrete patio. No matter why you need to get rid of roots, our stump removal services will clear them out. Reach out to us today for a free estimate on stump removal services.