Keep Your Trees Looking Healthy

Keep Your Trees Looking Healthy

Book our tree pruning services in Millen, Statesboro, Sylvania, or Waynesboro, GA

It's important to give your trees the treatment they need. This includes making sure they're watered, properly fertilized and have enough sunlight. You also need to regularly prune off problematic limbs. Luckily, East Georgia Tree Service is here to lend a helping hand. We provide tree pruning services for customers in Millen, Statesboro, Sylvania, and Waynesboro, GA. Once we assess your trees, we'll get right to work.

Don't let your trees become overgrown or shabby. Instead, contact us today to schedule our tree pruning services.

5 signs it's time to prune your trees

Are your trees overcrowding surrounding bushes or hedges? You may need tree pruning services. A few other indicators you need tree pruning services include:

  1. Dead limbs
  2. Broken branches
  3. Dense canopies
  4. Decaying roots
  5. Hollow trunks

We'll get the job done in no time. Reach out to us now to learn more about our tree pruning process.