Bring Down a Tree of Any Size

Bring Down a Tree of Any Size

Get tree removal services from our experienced company serving Millen, Statesboro, Sylvania, and Waynesboro, GA

No matter how big your tree is, East Georgia Tree Service can cut it down with ease. We have the equipment to reach a tree of any height and on any part of your property in Millen, Statesboro, Sylvania, or Waynesboro, GA.

Call on us for tree removal services when:

  • A tree is growing too close to your home
  • A tree is spreading branches near a power line
  • A tree has a large cavity or decaying spot

We'll remove the tree to make your property and your family safe. For a free estimate on standard or hazardous tree removal, call 478-299-1839 now.

Dealing with a hazardous tree?

Our crew can handle hazardous tree removal safely and efficiently. Our company's owner has more than 10 years of experience, including experience as a lineman, which he uses to expertly remove trees near power lines. Contact us now to book tree removal services. You can choose for us to haul the tree away or repurpose it for you as firewood or chips.

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How will we take down your unwanted trees?

When you call East Georgia Tree Service for tree removal services, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Our comprehensive tree services cover every part of the removal, cleanup and processing of debris. Once we’re on the job, we’ll:

Assess your tree and plan out what equipment to use for removal
Cut down your unwanted tree, clean up the debris and haul it away
Turn your tree into usable woodchips or firewood

We know how to remove trees of any type and size, and we can repurpose your old trees for new uses by turning them into firewood and mulch. Our start-to-finish tree services can cover all your tree removal needs. Schedule tree removal services in Millen, Statesboro, Sylvania, or Waynesboro, GA today.